Our Funds

Ways to Invest

Marble Rock offers a range of funds that are unique and managed by a highly motivated, passionate investment team with dedicated resources supporting them in key areas such as legal, compliance, risk and investor services. We manage non-traditional collective investment schemes with uncorrelated returns and scalable capacity. Marble Rock offers one retail investor hedge fund (RIF) and two qualified investor hedge funds (QIFs).  RIFs are open to all investors, while QIFs are only made available to qualified investors. RIFs are more strictly regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) than QIFs, and consequently the risks to these investments is lower.

Marble Rock SNN MoonRock Global Opportunities QI Hedge Fund

The Fund pursues uncorrelated, repeatable, risk-managed, absolute returns for investors in order to deliver long term capital growth.  The Fund employs global investment strategies across a wide variety of asset classes including fixed income securities, commodities, currencies and select equity opportunities.  Highly skilled portfolio managers employ a macro-style investment approach to identify fundamental economic relationships within and across these asset classes.  Outlier investment opportunities and high conviction relative value ideas are researched, risk-tested and – if appropriate – pursued on a dynamic allocation basis.

Marble Rock NCIS KeyStone FICC Retail Hedge Fund

The portfolio is structured as a Retail Investor Hedge Fund (RIHF) and is positioned to earn positive returns as an absolute return product for investors with a medium to longer term investment horizon. The fund will aim to provide superior, risk adjusted returns to investors through the dynamic implementation of investment strategies across a variety of underlying asset classes, primarily fixed income securities. The return objective is therefore uncorrelated returns in keeping with the benchmark.

Marble Rock H4 RockSolid Fixed Income QI Hedge Fund

The Fund seeks to exploit investment and trading opportunities on both the short- and long-end of the yield curve. This strategy provides a distinctive investment approach, via the utilisation of geared money market instruments and fixed income derivative instruments, setting the Fund apart from the traditional fixed income and income fund offerings in the South African market. Our aim is to continuously and consistently pursue a stable source of alpha and help qualified investors to meet their portfolio objectives and beat the stated benchmark. The Fund focuses on risk–reducing, steady return-generating strategies.