About Us

Who We Are


Marble Rock Asset Management, a South African regulated discretionary investment manager FSP nr:45906, was founded by the experienced fixed income and commodities hedge fund manager Flip du Plessis whose team of multi-strategy portfolio managers pursue uncorrelated returns within a wide universe of markets from their own unique location.

Marble Rock’s physical foundations extend toward the marble and granite dome of “Paarl Rock” or Pearl Mountain which towers over the winelands town of Paarl, situated in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. Its offices are rooted within the iconic KWV building, a familiar landmark on Main Street, which complements the poise of the team.

What We Do


Marble Rock Asset Management is an investment management firm which seeks capital appreciation for its investors through its management of a variety of non-traditional or alternative investment strategies, across multiple asset classes, within a unique range of investment funds.

The Marble Rock portfolio managers have a characteristically broad macro investment style employed across various multi fixed interest securities, commodities, currencies and equities in pursuit of uncorrelated returns both in its domestic market as well as global opportunities.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.”

George S. Patton Jr.

Why We’re Different


The underlying investment approach of Marble Rock however remains the construction of fund portfolios with a “top-down” approach across multiple asset classes with a global reach, in order to create a larger opportunity set with the added benefit of enabling us to derive diversified and uncorrelated returns. The ‘uncorrelatedness’ of our funds to other benchmarks or funds make them ideally suited to help enhance any portfolio’s efficient frontier. Finally, our large opportunity set combined with the fact that our funds invest globally in deep markets as well as our long investment horizon means our funds encompass significant capacity.

Our Investment Philosophy


We believe financial markets often focus on short-term price (or valuation) dislocations between security pairs which often result in longer-term investment opportunities to derive alpha. Marble Rock’s investment team therefore focuses on identifying such valuation mispricings or discrepancies; particularly between pairs that are linked by strong fundamental or economic relationships. We believe that, over time, these pairs should see their financial market prices or valuations adjust toward their respective intrinsic or fair values.